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The Purpose of CATT

  • To establish an academy for O-G Practitioners

  • To develop a code of standards and ethics

  • To provide professional guidelines

  • To enhance professional development and educational opportunities within the field of services to individuals with a specific Language/ Learning Difference (Dyslexia).

The Society Will:

  • Ensure a high quality of service through the supervision of training courses and on-going educational opportunities for O-G practitioners.

  • Provide support and professional status for Therapeutic Tutors.

  • Maximize availability of specific help for individuals in need of educational remediation.

Members of the Academy Shall:

  • meet the Educational/Training requirements of CATT-OG and shall have successfully undergone a screening process and criminal record search as required by CATT-OG standards.

  • adhere to a high standard of professional conduct in their activities, consistent with the goals and objectives of CATT-OG.

  • endeavour to be worthy of a client’s trust in the performance of professional duties.

  • pursue the virtues of a trustworthy professional who is honest, candid, competent, diligent, loyal, fair and discreet.*

  • respect the confidential nature of information concerning clients; treat clients with dignity, being mindful of their rights and sensibilities.

  • recognize that a privileged relationship exists with students that must not be exploited for any reason.

  • be willing to review with colleagues, students and parents/guardians the quality of service rendered and practices employed by the professional.

  • be responsible to engage in continued professional education through workshops, conferences, seminars, college courses and programs in order to keep current with knowledge that pertains to the field of dyslexia and thus to provide appropriate advice and service to the community.

  • use CATT membership to instill a greater sense of responsibility for social good, not merely for self-serving monopolistic purposes.

  • agree that continued CATT membership and accreditation are contingent upon adherence to this code and that disciplinary action will be taken when a member is guilty of a criminal or moral offense or misuse of a client’s good faith.