Why do tutors require Tutor Liability Insurance?

All CATT members in good standing are covered by an insurance policy provided by Westland Insurance Group and underwritten by Northbridge Insurance.

The insurance which includes general liability, abuse liability and errors and omissionsliability coverage is extended to CATT members while they are engaged in the activities and/or operations within the scope of the members training as Therapeutic Tutors.  Errors and liability coverage is also extended to directors and officers of the CATT OG board. 

Each CATT member in good standing is entitled to access the free Legal Assist Services offered in the insurance policy to provide answers needed to operate your practise.  

CATT recently asked Westland Insurance Group to answer the following questions.
1.  CATT’s insurance premium on a per member basis is approximately $80 per annum.   As an individual tutor could I obtain similar coverage at a lower rate in the market place?
Answer: No, individual policies for similar coverage could have an annual premium in excess of $1500.
2.  Why can’t I opt out of insurance coverage and pay reduced membership fees? 
Answer: The premium that CATT pays for insurance covers all members and cannot be individually priced.
3.  A situation has arisen that I feel may lead to a potential abuse claim.  What should I do?  
Answer: Any claims or potential claims should be reported immediately in writing to the CATT Board of Directors. All incidents should be clearly documented by the member.  All correspondence will be treated in a private and confidential manner and will be referred to Westland Insurance on your behalf.
4.  I am tutoring from my home.  A student falls and sustains an injury – what kind of coverage do I have?  Is this in addition to any coverage I might have under my home owner policy?
Answer:  Your home insurance policy would not likely provide coverage in this situation as the claim resulted from your business operations. The CATT policy protects the member in this case for any legal liability imposed on them for up to $5,000,000. This would also include legal defence costs.  

5.  I am teaching art classes to students at my home – would I be covered by the CATTinsurance policy.
Answer: This would only be covered if it is a normal part of the activities a/o operations of members within the scope of their training as Therapeutic Tutors. In a situation such as this the member may require a separate liability policy. 
6.  During one of my tutoring lessons, I damage a student’s laptop, smart phone or other equipment.  Can I make a claim under the policy?  Is there a deductible that has to be paid? Is there a minimum claim?  
AnswerThe liability insurance policy could respond in this situation. There is no minimum claim, but the policy does contain a $1,000 property damage deductible.
7.  I am tutoring outside of my home – either in a public place or at a student’s home.  How does this change of location affect my insurance coverage? 
Answer: This would not affect your liability insurance policy. Your liability coverage is not restricted to any particular location; however effective risk management practises should always be in place.
8.  Other than the $1000 property damage deductible, what other deductibles does the policy contain?    
Answer:  The only other deductible contained in the policy is a $10,000 deductible in a circumstance where an abuse allegation actually results in a liability claim.  CATT would seek to recover the deductible portion of an insurance claim from the CATT member responsible for the loss, damage or abuse that gave rise to the claim.
Should any member have further questions regarding their insurance coverage please feel free to direct them to the CATT board via chair@ogtutors.com