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OG Math Certificate Training

....The next step after language certification.


Approved Training Providers

Orton Gillingham training is available from the following CATT-OG approved organizations and/or individuals.  The following is a list of CATT-OG Certified trainers who provide Math CATT-OG accredited courses to that lead to the Math Specialty certificate.

OG Math Training Providers:

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OG Math Training


This course is a study of ideas and techniques based on the Orton-Gillingham Approach and adapted to provide intensive development in mathematics. It is a hands-on, interactive, instructional tutoring approach intended for all underachieving students in primary, intermediate and middle school including those with dyslexia, dyscalculia and other learning disabilities.

OG Math Specialty Certificate

CATT-OG Practitioners that are certified as Associate or Interim Practitioners may add the OG Math Specialty Certificate to their status using the following procedure:

STEP 1- Completion of CATT Certified OG Math training, inclusive of practicum. The practicum component must be interactive and graded.

STEP 2- Complete the application form, listing CATT membership number, date of course(s) and attaching Certificate(s) of Completion.

STEP 3 – When the above two steps are complete and processed, a Certificate of OG Math Specialty will be issued.


a) CATT-OG referrals for OG Math will only be given for CATT-OG members that have documented Math Specialty on file.

b) As of January 2014, there is no fee associated with the issuing of a Math Specialty Certificate.

OG Math Training Providers

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Prospect Centre for Learning

Marylin Wardrop

Orton-Gillingham Math

 An Introduction to Basic Concepts

Orton-Gillingham Math Practicum

This course is available to practitioners who have successfully completed OG Math Part One – Basic Concepts

Click the button below to visit Prospect Learning's website to view current offerings and availability. (You will be taken to an external website). Or contact Marilyn here.