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OG Language Training

....foundational training in supporting those with Learning Differences.

Find CATT-OG approved courses and training providers for OG Language

OG Language Training Includes:

  • An insight to the challenges those who struggle with Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and other Learning Difficulties face.

  • Phonological Awareness training

  • The neurobiology of reading.

  • The stages of reading development.

  • Training in how English can be decoded and encoded.

  • English Language orthography, syllablication & morphology

  • RTI (Response to intervention) in the classroom.

  • Training in multisensory instruction

  • Training, practice and assessment in following an Orton-Gillingham lesson plan.


OG Language Training Providers: 

Orton-Gillingham course work is available from the following CATT-OG approved organizations and/or individuals.  The following is a list of  certified trainers who provide accredited courses to that lead to CATT-OG Membership:

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  • Gloria Olafson: CATT-OG Certified Trainer serving Northern British Columbia


Gloria Olafson

CATT-OG Certified Trainer serving Northern British Columbia

Check back for upcoming course information. 

OG Language Training Organisations

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Reach OG Learning Centres 

- Corey Zylstra M.Ed,  CATT-OG Certified Master Trainer
- Robin Norquay B.Ed, CATT-OG Certified Trainer. 

CATT-OG Certified Training across the Lower Mainland, Canada & International.


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