Professional Development

We all need help staying fresh….

CATT-OG members are required to complete annual professional development. Members are provided with a number of ways to complete this requirement.



We recommend that your first choice for pro-d is to attend one (or two) of our live events.

  • Spring Fling: Held in April, the Spring Fling is our biggest event of the year. It provides members with opportunities to network and stay current by engaging with industry leaders that we bring in.

  • Member2Member: These events are smaller and provide a great opportunity to learn from other members on a more informal level.

For information on upcoming events check out our events page.

Your local OG-P’s are like rocks…

Your local OG-P’s are like rocks…

O-G Tutor Support Groups:

Join a monthly ‘meet-up’ to meet some local practitioners in your area, have an opportunity to share your experiences and learn from others.

To join a group, contact the following:

North Vancouver: Jill Neale
Richmond (Steveston): Kirsty Gourlay
Vancouver: Glenn Alexander

Interested in starting a local group in your area? Contact

A snapshot of some of the experts with recorded webinars for this conference.

A snapshot of some of the experts with recorded webinars for this conference.

Virtual Pro-D:

NEW: Members Only | Bright & Quirky Online Summit - 2019

The Bright & Quirky online summit took place in January 2019 and consisted of 7 days of workshops featuring experts presenting on all aspects of Twice Exceptional Learners.

CATT-OG has purchased an ALL ACCESS pass for members to view the content for free over the next year at your leisure.

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Password: ogtutors

Other Web Based opportunities:


These podcasts are available through your usual method of receiving podcasts.

Webinar sources:

Video series:


Books count for Pro-D too! If you are looking for a good read, check out our readings page.